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Volume 8, Issue 3, April 2014

Volume 8, Issue 3

April 2014

Generalised model of a photovoltaic panel
Spatio-temporal analysis of possible wind generation output reductions for the Irish transmission system with a high penetration of renewables
Model predictive control of inverters for both islanded and grid-connected operations in renewable power generations
Energy storage for active network management on electricity distribution networks with wind power
Experimentally validated partial least squares model for dynamic line rating
Design and implementation of dynamic electronic load controller for three-phase self-excited induction generator in remote small-hydro power generation
Research on a permanent magnet tubular linear generator for direct drive wave energy conversion
Fault diagnosis of wind turbine based on multi-sensors information fusion technology
Optimised parameter design of proportional integral and resonant current regulator for doubly fed induction generator during grid voltage distortion
Prediction of power fluctuation classes for photovoltaic installations and potential benefits of dynamic reserve allocation
Analytical evaluation of control strategies for participation of doubly fed induction generator-based wind farms in power system short-term frequency regulation
Magnetic equivalent circuit modelling of brushless doubly-fed induction generator

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