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Volume 8, Issue 2, March 2014

Volume 8, Issue 2

March 2014

Flicker mitigation strategy for a doubly fed induction generator by torque control
Efficient voltage regulation scheme for three-phase self-excited induction generator feeding single-phase load in remote locations
Control of doubly-fed induction generator for wind energy in network context
Control of variable pitch and variable speed direct-drive wind turbines in weak grid systems with active power balance
Should unit commitment be endogenously included in wind power transmission planning optimisation models?
Optimal voltage control by wind farms using data mining techniques
Data-driven technique for interpreting wind turbine condition monitoring signals
Simple procedure for optimal sizing and location of a single photovoltaic generator on radial distribution feeder
Adaptive decoupled power control method for inverter connected DG
Development of adaptive perturb and observe-fuzzy control maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic boost dc–dc converter
Shaft speed ripples in wind turbines caused by tower shadow and wind shear
Power optimisation of a point absorber wave energy converter by means of linear model predictive control

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