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Volume 7, Issue 6, November 2013

Volume 7, Issue 6

November 2013

Statistical profiling of site wind resource speed and directional characteristics
Analysis of positive ramp limitation control strategies for reducing wind power fluctuations
Wind farm optimal connection to transmission systems considering network reinforcement using cost-reliability analysis
Wide-area measurement signal-based stabiliser for large-scale photovoltaic plants with high variability and uncertainty
Resource-induced voltage flicker for wave energy converters – assessment tools
Performance analysis and testing of a 250 kW medium-speed brushless doubly-fed induction generator
Mitigation of power system oscillation caused by wind power fluctuation
Multi-objective expansion planning approach: distant wind farms and limited energy resources integration
Decision support system for ranking photovoltaic technologies
Capacity credit of concentrating solar power
Accommodating renewable generation through an aggregator-focused method for inducing demand side response from electricity consumers
Design and implementation of a new portable thermoelectric generator for low geothermal temperatures
Assessing the economic benefit of a bidding decision support tool for wind power producers
Operating compressed-air energy storage as dynamic reactive compensator for stabilising wind farms under grid fault conditions

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