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Volume 7, Issue 5, September 2013

Volume 7, Issue 5

September 2013

Maximising revenue for non-firm distributed wind generation with energy storage in an active management scheme
Power oscillation damping capabilities of wind power plant with full converter wind turbines considering its distributed and modular characteristics
Optimal capacity allocation of standalone wind/solar/battery hybrid power system based on improved particle swarm optimisation algorithm
Power oscillation damping using wind turbines with energy storage systems
Design and implementation of a droop control in d–q frame for islanded microgrids
Wind energy conversion into electricity by means of the rectifier with near sinusoidal input current-1 converter
Impact of wind power plant reactive current injection during asymmetrical grid faults
Design and implementation of a grid-tied wind power micro-inverter
Rigorous model for evaluating wind power capacity credit
Breaking wave loads on monopiles for offshore wind turbines and estimation of extreme overturning moment
Probabilistic voltage stability assessment considering renewable sources with the help of the PV and QV curves
Energy storage systems impact on the short-term frequency stability of distributed autonomous microgrids, an analysis using aggregate models
Second-order sliding-mode controller design and tuning for grid synchronisation and power control of a wind turbine-driven doubly fed induction generator
Intelligent controlled three-phase squirrel-cage induction generator system using wavelet fuzzy neural network for wind power
Analysis, design and testing of a novel direct-drive wave energy converter system
Analysis of linear wave power generator model with real sea experimental results

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