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Volume 7, Issue 4, July 2013

Volume 7, Issue 4

July 2013

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    • Guest Editorial
      Vortex methods to answer the need for improved understanding and modelling of tip-loss factors
      Un-freezing the turbulence: application to LiDAR-assisted wind turbine control
      Wound rotor induction generator bearing fault modelling and detection using stator current analysis
      Analysis of electrical power data for condition monitoring of a small wind turbine
      Supervisory control and data acquisition data-based non-linear state estimation technique for wind turbine gearbox condition monitoring
      Three-dimensional bearing load share behaviour in the planetary stage of a wind turbine gearbox
      Sliding-mode control of a wind turbine-driven double-fed induction generator under non-ideal grid voltages
      Wind turbine converter control interaction with complex wind farm systems
      Cost and losses associated with offshore wind farm collection networks which centralise the turbine power electronic converters
      Damping estimation of an offshore wind turbine on a monopile foundation
      Reducing rotor speed variations of floating wind turbines by compensation of non-minimum phase zeros

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