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Volume 7, Issue 3, May 2013

Volume 7, Issue 3

May 2013

Proportional resonant individual pitch control for mitigation of wind turbines loads
Thyristor-based flexible ac transmission system for controlling the vanadium redox flow battery
Control and quantification of kinetic energy released by wind farms during power system frequency drops
Proposal for optimising the provision of inertial response reserve of variable-speed wind generators
Photovoltaic metering configurations, feed-in tariffs and the variable effective electricity prices that result
Power peaks against installed capacity in tidal stream energy
State-space representation of DFIG-based wind power plants
Design and control of a wind energy conversion system based on a resonant dc/dc converter
Grid-tied photovoltaic system with series Z-source inverter
Direct-drive low-speed wind energy conversion system incorporating axial-type permanent magnet generator and Z-source inverter with sensorless maximum power point tracking controller
Non-linear voltage regulator design for DC/DC boost converters used in photovoltaic applications: analysis and experimental results

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