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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2011

Volume 5, Issue 1

January 2011

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    • Power conversion and control for a linear direct drive permanent magnet generator for wave energy
      Multi-megawatt offshore wave energy converters – electrical system configuration and generator control strategy
      Integral variable structure direct torque control of doubly fed induction generator
      Comparative study on impacts of wind profiles on thermal units scheduling costs
      Control of a hybrid high-voltage DC connection for large doubly fed induction generator-based wind farms
      Lightning protection of wind turbines – a comparison of measured data with required protection levels
      Optimised inverter sizing for photovoltaic systems in high-latitude maritime climates
      Dynamic model and control of a wind-turbine generator with energy storage
      Probabilistic approach for optimal allocation of wind-based distributed generation in distribution systems
      Integration of large-scale wind farm projects including system reliability analysis
      One-power-point operation for variable speed wind/tidal stream turbines with synchronous generators

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