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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2010

Volume 4, Issue 6

November 2010

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    • Editorial: Selected, expanded papers from EWTEC 2009
      Analysis of a single point tensioned mooring system for station keeping of a contra-rotating marine current turbine
      Estimating the loads and energy yield of arrays of wave energy converters under realistic seas
      Experimental characterisation of flow effects on marine current turbine behaviour and on its wake properties
      Experimental testing of the transverse horizontal axis water turbine
      Comparison of wave power extraction by a compact array of small buoys and by a large buoy
      Effects of floaters’ hydrodynamics on the performance of tightly moored wave energy converters
      Modelling tidal energy extraction in a depth-averaged coastal domain
      Regulatory, technical and financial challenges in the grid connection of wave energy devices
      Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling of inland marine waters of Washington State, United States, for tidal resource and environmental impact assessment
      Power absorption by closely spaced point absorbers in constrained conditions
      Assessment of the influence of the distance between two wave energy converters on energy production
      Offshore underwater substation for wave energy converter arrays
      Comparison between CFD simulations and experiments for predicting the far wake of horizontal axis tidal turbines
      Experimental measurements of irregular wave interaction factors in closely spaced arrays

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