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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2010

Volume 4, Issue 1

January 2010

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    • Modelling and control of a marine current turbine-driven doubly fed induction generator
      Investigations into the performance of photovoltaics-based active filter configurations and their control schemes under uniform and non-uniform radiation conditions
      Stochastic inequality constrained closed-loop model-based predictive control of MW-class wind generating system in the electric power supply
      Improved SMS islanding detection method for grid-connected converters
      Statistical voltage quality assessment method for grids with wind power generation
      Analysis of demand response and wind integration in Germany's electricity market
      Assessment of distribution network limits for non-firm connection of renewable generation
      Impact of wind power on the power system imbalances in Finland
      Design and implementation of a hybrid regenerative power system combining grid–tie and uninterruptible power supply functions

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