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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2009

Volume 3, Issue 2

June 2009

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    • Load sharing and power quality enhanced operation of a distributed microgrid
      Load flow analysis for variable speed offshore wind farms
      Rating requirements of the unified power quality conditioner to integrate the fixed-speed induction generator-type wind generation to the grid
      AC/DC power conversion interface for self-excited induction generator
      Wind-photovoltaic capacity coordination for a time-of-use rate industrial user
      Robust pitch controller for output power levelling of variable-speed variable-pitch wind turbine generator systems
      Development and simulation of dynamic control strategies for wind farms
      Comparative analyses of seven technologies to facilitate the integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources
      Optimisation of electrical system for offshore wind farms via genetic algorithm
      Adequacy assessment of generating systems containing wind power considering wind speed correlation
      Multi-objective planning framework for stochastic and controllable distributed energy resources
      Artificial neural network-polar coordinated fuzzy controller based maximum power point tracking control under partially shaded conditions
      Electrical issues associated with sea-water immersed windings in electrical generators for wave- and tidal current-driven power generation

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