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Volume 14, Issue 9, 06 July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 9

06 July 2020

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    • Multi-attribute analysis of micro-defect detection techniques suitable for automated production line of solar wafers and cells
      Distributed economic dispatch method for power system based on consensus
      Critical Review on PV MPPT Techniques: Classical, Intelligent and Optimisation
    • Modified leaky LMS-based control strategy for reliable operation of single-stage three-phase grid-tied PV system
      Geothermal reservoir heat transfer, temperature modelling and electrical power potential estimation: Gisenyi hot spring
      Enhanced energy harvesting from shaded PV systems using an improved particle swarm optimisation
      Modified switch type fault current limiter for low-voltage ride-through enhancement and reactive power support of DFIG-WT under grid faults
      Time scale stability analysis of a Hopf bifurcation in a wind–diesel hybrid microgrid
      Centralised secondary control for islanded microgrids
      Optimal wave energy extraction for oscillating water columns using second-order sliding mode control
      Composite generation and transmission expansion planning toward high renewable energy penetration in Iran power grid
      Technique for stability enhancement of microgrids during unsymmetrical disturbances using battery connected by single-phase converters
      Ultra-high-speed non-unit non-differential protection scheme for buses of MMC-HVDC grids
      Simulation and experimental illustration of vibration at load rejection in a continuously overloaded large hydrogenerator
      Supercapacitor-assisted LED (SCALED) technique for renewable energy systems: a very low frequency design approach with short-term DC-UPS capability eliminating battery banks
      ATC assessment and enhancement of integrated transmission and distribution system considering the impact of active distribution network
      Stand-alone multiple input photovoltaic inverter for maximum power extraction and voltage regulation under mismatched atmospheric conditions
      Synergistic effects of co-combustion of sewage sludge and corn stalk and the resulting gas emission characteristics
      Enhancing performance of photovoltaic panel by cold plate design with guided channels
      Leakage current alleviation in solar energy conversion system enabling power quality improvement

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