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Volume 14, Issue 8, 08 June 2020

Volume 14, Issue 8

08 June 2020

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    • Renewables integration grid study for the 2030 Japanese power system
      North Sea offshore grid development: combined optimisation of grid and generation investments towards 2050
      Grid forming control scheme for power systems with up to 100% power electronic interfaced generation: a case study on Great Britain test system
      Frequency response of energy storage systems in grids with high level of wind power penetration – Gotland case study
      Requirements for control strategies of grid-connected converters in the future power system
      Investigation of transient energy storage sources for support of future electrical power systems
      Methods to aggregate turbine and network impedance for wind farm resonance analysis
      Load predictions: vulnerability of micro-grids based on renewable energies due to increasing population and individual demand
    • Resilient cooperative control of AC microgrids considering relative state-dependent noises and communication time-delays
      PV hosting capacity of LV distribution networks using smart inverters and storage systems: a practical margin
      Hysteresis-based energy management strategy for a microgrid with controllable heating loads
      Impact analysis of large power networks with high share of renewables in transient conditions
      Optimal tracking control for asymmetrical fault ride through in the back-to-back converters
      Application of micro pump hydro energy storage for reliable operation of microgrid system
      Two-tier combined active and reactive power controls for VSC–HVDC-connected large-scale wind farm cluster based on ADMM
      Seven-level power conversion system for solar power generation system
      Security constrained multi-objective bi-directional integrated electricity and natural gas co-expansion planning considering multiple uncertainties of wind energy and system demand
      PV power intra-day predictions using PDE models of polynomial networks based on operational calculus

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