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Volume 14, Issue 7, 18 May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 7

18 May 2020

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    • MPPT in PV systems using ant colony optimisation with dwindling population
      Automatic generation control of a large hydropower plant with head-sensitive forbidden and restricted zones
      Anticipatory AGC control strategy based on wind power variogram characteristic
      Deep learning enhanced situation awareness for high renewable-penetrated power systems with multiple data corruptions
      GMPPT by using PSO based on Lévy flight for photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions
      Inertia emulation control technique based frequency control of grid-connected single-phase rooftop photovoltaic system with battery and supercapacitor
      Structural and behavioural evaluation of renewable energy power plants' impacts on transmission network congestion using an analytical approach
      Impact of policy incentives on the promotion of integrated PV and battery storage systems: a techno-economic assessment
      Reliability and economic feasibility analysis of parallel unity power factor rectifier for wind turbine system
      Stochastic constrained linear quadratic control in a network of smart microgrids
      Highly sensitive microgrid protection using overcurrent relays with a novel relay characteristic
      Dynamic characteristics of a hydro-turbine governing system considering draft tube pressure pulsation
      Improving the transient performance of DFIG wind turbine using pitch angle controller low pass filter timing and network side connected damper circuitry
      Load frequency control of smart isolated power grids with high wind farm penetrations
      Does renewable energy really decarbonise a power system? – An investigation

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