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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 14, Issue 6, 27 April 2020

Volume 14, Issue 6

27 April 2020

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    • Comprehensive review of a linear electrical generator for ocean wave energy conversion
    • Fast pyrolysis of LERDADEs for renewable biofuels
      Forecast uncertainty-based performance degradation diagnosis of solar PV systems
      Equilibrium state of a price-maker energy hub in a competitive market with price uncertainties
      High-efficiency MPPT method based on irradiance and temperature measurements
      A Local measurement based protection technique for distribution system with photovoltaic plants
      Optimal operation of AC–DC distribution network with multi park integrated energy subnetworks considering flexibility
      Point and interval forecasting of solar irradiance with an active Gaussian process
      Robust, coordinated control of SSO in wind-integrated power system
      Droop characteristics based damping and inertia emulation of DC link in a hybrid microgrid
      Decentralised coordination control strategy of the PV generator, storage battery and hydrogen production unit in islanded AC microgrid
      Fast terminal sliding mode control for improved transient state power sharing between parallel VSCs in an autonomous microgrid under different loading conditions
      Illustration of demand response supported co-ordinated system performance evaluation of YSGA optimized dual stage PIFOD-(1 + PI) controller employed with wind-tidal-biodiesel based independent two-area interconnected microgrid system
      Multi-objective heuristic guide vane closure scheme optimisation of hydroturbine generating unit
      Power system flexibility improvement with a focus on demand response and wind power variability

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