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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 14, Issue 5, 06 April 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

06 April 2020

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    • Coordinated control of MMC-HVDC system with offshore wind farm for providing emulated inertia support
      Improved auto-synchronisation of grid-connected PV inverter based on the DC capacitor voltage control
      Stability enhancement strategy of virtual synchronous generator for cascaded multilevel converter based energy storage system under weak grid conditions
      Improved phase-locked loop-based control for grid-integrated PV system
      H current controller for grid-connected photovoltaic systems based on cascaded multilevel inverter" >Design of a robust current controller for grid-connected photovoltaic systems based on cascaded multilevel inverter
      Current control based on limit cycle stability for photovoltaic arrays
      Coordinated-control strategy of scalable superconducting magnetic energy storage under an unbalanced voltage condition
      Proposed controller and stability analysis for DFIG to suppress stator flux oscillations during autonomous operation
      Extensive technique for grid-connected converter power generation maximisation during asymmetrical grid voltages
      Control of VSC for enhancement of power quality in off-grid distributed power generation
      Optimised PI-4VPI current controller for three-phase grid-integrated photovoltaic inverter under grid voltage distortions
      Harmonic circulation and DC voltage instability mechanism of parallel-SVG system
      Effects analysis of excitation circuit on power control for VSG: a design-oriented study
      Parameter tuning for dynamic digital twins in inverter-dominated distribution grid
      Small signal stability improvement of a microgrid by the optimised dynamic droop control method
      Multi-platform real-time microgrid simulation testbed with hierarchical control of distributed energy resources featuring energy storage balancing
      Dual-mode control of utility interactive microgrid
      H-Infinity versus model predictive control methods for seamless transition between islanded- and grid-connected modes of microgrids
      Dual-stage cascaded control to resynchronise an isolated microgrid with the utility
      To study unplanned islanding transient response of microgrid by implementing MSOG and SRF-PLL based hierarchical control in the presence of non-linear loads
      DC voltage deviation-dependent voltage droop control method for VSC-MTDC systems under large disturbances
      Power oscillation damping with virtual capacitance support from modular multilevel converters
      Impact of low (zero) carbon power systems on power system protection: a new evaluation approach based on a flexible modelling and hardware testing platform
      Energy router for SC: GC, SA and transition mode controls
      Introduction to Laguerre-based stochastic economic predictive functional control for optimal real-time power dispatch under uncertainty
      Distributed cooperative control method based on network topology optimisation in microgrid cluster

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