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Volume 14, Issue 4, 16 March 2020

Volume 14, Issue 4

16 March 2020

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    • Comprehensive perspective on virtual inductor for improved power decoupling of virtual synchronous generator control
      Improved virtual synchronous generator control to analyse and enhance the transient stability of microgrid
      Estimating the economic potential of PV rooftop systems in South Africa's residential sector: a tale of eight metropolitan cities
      Enhancement of distribution network performance in the presence of uncertain parameters
      Real-time energy management in a microgrid with renewable generation, energy storages, flexible loads and combined heat and power units using Lyapunov optimisation
      Enabling market participation of distributed energy resources through a coupled market design
      Fault detection of photovoltaic array based on Grubbs criterion and local outlier factor
      Control and operation of a three-phase local energy router for prosumers in a smart community
      Fault detection and location in medium-voltage DC microgrids using travelling-wave reflections
      Magnifying effect of weak grid connection for a PMSG to induce torsional sub-synchronous oscillations under the condition of open-loop modal resonance
      Salp swarm algorithm-based optimal control scheme for LVRT capability improvement of grid-connected photovoltaic power plants: design and experimental validation
      Intuitive control technique for grid connected partially shaded solar PV-based distributed generating system
      Estimating the impact of ocean wave energy on power system reliability with a well-being approach
      Optimal configuration of hybrid-energy microgrid considering the correlation and randomness of the wind power and photovoltaic power
      Analysis and enhancement of small-signal stability on DFIG-based wind integrated power system through the optimal design of linear quadratic regulator
      Estimation of solar photovoltaic energy curtailment due to volt–watt control
      Robust scheme for voltage regulation and power sharing among DERs in DC microgrids

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