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Volume 14, Issue 19, 28 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 19

28 December 2020

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    • Guest Editorial: Wind and Solar 2019
      Getting to 100% renewables: operating experiences with very high penetrations of variable energy resources
      Response of a grid forming wind farm to system events, and the impact of external and internal damping
      Impact of the high share of converter-interfaced generation on electromechanical oscillations in Continental Europe power system
      Validating grid-forming capabilities of hybrid power park technologies in future OFTO networks
      Comparing electricity balancing capacity, emissions, and cost for three different storage-based local energy systems
      Value of bifacial photovoltaics used with highly reflective ground materials on single-axis trackers and fixed-tilt systems: a Danish case study
      Innovative system services for facilitating the integration of high levels of renewable generation in Ireland and Northern Ireland
    • Systematic literature review of photovoltaic output power forecasting
      Sub-synchronous oscillations in wind farms – an overview study of mechanisms and damping methods
    • Output power fluctuations of distributed photovoltaic systems across an isolated power system: insights from high-resolution data
      Hierarchical coordination strategy for three-phase MV and LV distribution networks with high-penetration residential PV units
      Dynamic modelling and control for assessment of large-scale wind and solar integration in power systems
      Stability properties of non-linear model predictive control of variable speed hydropower
      Zero bus load flow method for the integration of renewable DGs by mixed-discrete particle swarm optimisation-based fuzzy max–min approach
      Line fault location for multi-terminal MMC-HVDC system based on SWT and SVD
      Analysis and optimisation of a diesel-PV-wind-electric storage system for a standalone power solution
      Emergency power balance control based on proactive motor operation of DFIG-based wind turbines for sending grid stability
      Frequency excursion mitigation strategy using a novel COA optimised fuzzy controller in wind integrated power systems
      Wind turbines anomaly detection based on power curves and ensemble learning
      Double-stage grid-integrated SPV system under weak distribution grid
      Robust day-ahead dispatch of CAES for mitigating fluctuation of net load in the distribution network
      Screening methodology of correlated wind turbines for wind direction prediction based on yawing manoeuvre data
      Hierarchical two-stage robust optimisation dispatch based on co-evolutionary theory for multiple CCHP microgrids
      Multi agent-based strategy protecting the loop-based micro-grid via intelligent electronic device-assisted relays
      Load frequency control scheme design considering flexible disturbances
      Robust fault detection approach for wind farms considering missing data tolerance and recovery
      Demystifying the use of ERA5-land and machine learning for wind power forecasting
      Investigation of structure and performance of a permanent magnet vernier induction generator for use in double-turbine wind systems in urban areas
      Stochastic planning of islanded microgrids with uncertain multi-energy demands and renewable generations
      Monitoring of subsynchronous oscillation in a series-compensated wind power system using an adaptive extended Kalman filter
      Siting and sizing of electric vehicle fast-charging station based on quasi-dynamic traffic flow
    • Evaluation of ancillary services in distribution grid using large-scale battery energy storage systems

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