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Volume 13, Issue 9, 08 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 9

08 July 2019

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    • Maximum power extraction from a hydrokinetic energy conversion system
      Impact of renewables and FACT device on deregulated thermal system having sine cosine algorithm optimised fractional order cascade controller
      Impact of FFC distributed generations in a DNR in the presence of renewable and load uncertainties by mixed-discrete particle swarm-based point estimation method
      Optimal sizing of a wind/solar/battery/diesel hybrid microgrid based on typical scenarios considering meteorological variability
      Control of asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverter for a grid-connected photovoltaic system
      Parameters extraction of photovoltaic sources based on experimental data
      Application of genetic algorithms and the cross-entropy method in practical home energy management systems
      Coordinative impedance damping control for back-to-back converter in solar power integration system
      Hierarchical control of offshore wind farm connected by parallel diode-rectifier-based HVDC and HVAC links
      Comparison of advanced non-parametric models for wind turbine power curves
      Design of dynamic surface controller for robust performance of variable speed wind turbine
      Mitigation of power mismatch losses and wiring line losses of partially shaded solar PV array using improvised magic technique
      Demand-side management using a distributed initialisation-free optimisation in a smart grid
      Bi-level model for generation expansion planning with contract pricing of renewable energy in the presence of energy storage
      Study on speed and torque control of a novel hydromechanical hybrid transmission system in wind turbine
      Optimal bidding strategy for wind farms considering local demand response resources
      Platform for design, simulation, and experimental evaluation of small wind turbines
      Voltage control of PV inverter connected to unbalanced distribution system
      Adaptive EPLL for improving power quality in three-phase three-wire grid-connected photovoltaic system
      Harmonic compensation capability-based coordinated control for hybrid wind farms under distorted grid voltage conditions

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