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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 13, Issue 8, 10 June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 8

10 June 2019

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    • Grade point average assessment for metaheuristic GMPP techniques of partial shaded PV systems
    • Interleaved boost converter for global maximum power extraction from the photovoltaic system under partial shading
      Performance improvement of dynamic PV array under partial shade conditions using M2 algorithm
      Effects of modulation techniques on leakage ground currents in a grid-tied transformerless HB-NPC inverter
      Comprehensive performance evaluation of various solar PV system configurations
      Hybrid control of DFIGs for short-term and long-term frequency regulation support in power systems
      Impact of scaled fitness functions on a floating-point genetic algorithm to optimise the operation of standalone microgrids
      Optimal expansion planning of active distribution system considering coordinated bidding of downward active microgrids and demand response providers
      High efficiency quantum well triple junction tandem solar cell
      Correntropy-based parameter estimation for photovoltaic array model considering partial shading condition
      Online parameter determination based adaptive single-phase reclosing scheme for wind-powered outgoing lines with shunt reactors
      Economic dispatch coordinated with information granule chance constraint goal programming under the manifold uncertainties
      Quantifying benefits of wind power diversity in New Zealand
      Health condition assessment of wind turbine generators based on supervisory control and data acquisition data
      Wide-area damping controllers of wind and solar power using probabilistic signal selection
      Assessment of wind turbine transient overvoltages when struck by lightning: experimental and analytical study
      Assessment of induced voltages in common and differential-mode for a PV module due to nearby lightning strikes
      Comparative analysis of MPPT algorithms bio-inspired by grey wolves employing a feed-forward control loop in a three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic system
      SVSM calculation of power system with high wind-power penetration
      Dual-output DC/DC boost converter for bipolar DC microgrids

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