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Volume 13, Issue 7, 20 May 2019

Volume 13, Issue 7

20 May 2019

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    • Review on forecasting of photovoltaic power generation based on machine learning and metaheuristic techniques
    • Analysis and design of a sustainable microgrid primarily powered by renewable energy sources with dynamic performance improvement
      Social welfare maximisation of market based wind integrated power systems by simultaneous coordination of transmission switching and demand response programs
      Risk aversion energy management in the networked microgrids with presence of renewable generation using decentralised optimisation approach
      Energy analysis of products and processes in a sanitary landfill
      Linear precoder design for base station energy cooperation in DC microgrids
      Forecasting of PV plant output using hybrid wavelet-based LSTM-DNN structure model
      Research on hydraulic–electric interference and optimisation of multi-turbine hydropower system based on the dual control mode
      Electricity scheduling optimisation based on energy cloud for residential microgrids
      States prediction for solar power and wind speed using BBA-SVM
      Integrated battery model in cost-effective operation and load management of grid-connected smart nano-grid
      Electric bus fast charging station resource planning considering load aggregation and renewable integration
      Real-time experimental implementation of an LMS-adaline-based ANFIS controller to drive PV interfacing power system
      Differential equation model of single penstock multi-machine system with hydraulic coupling
      DLMP using three-phase current injection OPF with renewables and demand response
      Generic Type 3 WT models: comparison between IEC and WECC approaches
      Role of power to liquids and biomass to liquids in a nearly renewable energy system
      Intrinsic limitations of load-shifting response dynamics: preliminary results from particle hopping models of homogeneous density incompressible loads
      Local penetration-free control approach against numerous changes in PV generation level in MAS-based protection schemes
      Improved criticality analysis method of equipment failures in wind turbines

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