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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 13, Issue 6, 29 April 2019

Volume 13, Issue 6

29 April 2019

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    • Comparative assessment of two different modes multi-objective optimal power management of micro-grid: grid-connected and stand-alone
      Scheduling distributed energy resources and smart buildings of a microgrid via multi-time scale and model predictive control method
      User centric economic demand response management in a secondary distribution system in India
      Double-deck optimal schedule of micro-grid based on demand-side response
      IGDT-based economic dispatch considering the uncertainty of wind and demand response
      Robust unit commitment with characterised solar PV systems
      Demand response for indirect load control in smart grid using novel price modification algorithm
      Multimode operation of PV-battery system with renewable intermittency smoothening and enhanced power quality
      Coordinated optimal dispatch of multi-stakeholder game based on demand response for active distribution network
      Frequency sensitivity analysis of dynamic demand response in wind farm integrated power system
      Risk-constrained scheduling of solar-based three state compressed air energy storage with waste thermal recovery unit in the thermal energy market environment
      Interval based robust chance constrained allocation of demand response programs in wind integrated power systems
      Risk-averse energy management system for isolated microgrids considering generation and demand uncertainties based on information gap decision theory
      Decentralised flexibility management for EVs
      Modelling of a thermo-electric energy management system including heat pumps for an off-grid system
      Incorporating energy storage and user experience in isolated microgrid dispatch using a multi-objective model
      Day-ahead scheduling of integrated electricity and district heating system with an aggregated model of buildings for wind power accommodation
      DSM for all-day voltage profile improvement in a microgrid
      Risk-constrained energy management of PV integrated smart energy hub in the presence of demand response program and compressed air energy storage

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