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Volume 13, Issue 3, 25 February 2019

Volume 13, Issue 3

25 February 2019

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    • Potential for power generation from ocean wave renewable energy source: a comprehensive review on state-of-the-art technology and future prospects
    • Investigation and damping of low-frequency oscillations of stochastic solar penetrated power system by optimal dual UPFC
      Solar PV powered-sensorless BLDC motor driven water pump
      CDF modelling for the optimum tilt and azimuth angle for PV installations: case study based on 26 different locations in region of the Yorkshire UK
      Subsynchronous oscillation of PV plants integrated to weak AC networks
      Optimal operation of PV-DG-battery based microgrid with power quality conditioner
      Novel voltage balancing algorithm for single-phase cascaded multilevel inverter for post-module failure operation in solar photovoltaic applications
      Multi-channel VSI fed large variable speed asynchronous hydro-condenser: fault analysis, fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control
      Multi-party energy management and economics of integrated energy microgrid with PV/T and combined heat and power system
      A Novel Coordination Scheme of Virtual Inertia Control and Digital Protection for Microgrid Dynamic Security Considering High Renewable Energy Penetration
      Recursive dynamic regression-based two-stage compensation algorithm for dynamic economic dispatch considering high-dimensional correlation of multi-wind farms
      One-day ahead predictive management of building hybrid power system improving energy cost and batteries lifetime
      Improvements in primary frequency regulation of the grid-connected variable speed wind turbine
      Grid-connection analysis of hydro-turbine generator unit with stochastic disturbance

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