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Volume 13, Issue 1, 07 January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

07 January 2019

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    • Sub-synchronous interactions in power systems with wind turbines: a review
      Study on subsynchronous oscillation in D-PMSGs-based wind farm integrated to power system
      Subsynchronous resonance assessment for a large system with multiple series compensated transmission circuits
      Low-cost control strategy based on reactive power regulation of DFIG-based wind farm for SSO suppression
      Synchronised measurement devices for power systems with high penetration of inverter-based renewable power generators
      Improved synchrophasor measurement to capture sub/super-synchronous dynamics in power systems with renewable generation
      Time/frequency domain modelling for grid-connected MMC sub-synchronous/super-synchronous oscillation in PV MVDC power collection and integration system
      Complex transfer function-based sequence domain impedance model of doubly fed induction generator
      Iterative approach to impedance model for small-signal stability analysis
      Effect of phase-locked loop on small-signal perturbation modelling and stability analysis for three-phase LCL-type inverter connected to weak grid
      Comparative analysis of stability limitations in weak grid-connected synchronous generator, VSC, and DFIG systems considering the power flow control dynamics
      Mathematical modelling and stability analysis of PSS for damping LFOs of wind power system
      PSS design for damping low-frequency oscillations in a multi-machine power system with penetration of renewable power generations
      Wide area oscillation damping controller for DFIG using WAMS with delay compensation
      Power-oscillation evaluation in power systems with high penetration of renewable power generation based on network virtual inertia
      Inertia emulation and dynamic voltage support scheme for MMC-based dc systems
      Modified virtual inertial controller for prudential participation of DFIG-based wind turbines in power system frequency regulation
      Injecting positive-sequence current virtual synchronous generator control under unbalanced grid
      Wave farms grid code compliance in isolated small power systems
      Load frequency control by de-loaded wind farm using the optimal fuzzy-based PID droop controller
      Optimal selection of voltage sag mitigating devices for micro-level customer in distribution system
      Electronic resistor emulators for ferroresonance damping in MV transformers
      Ferroresonance phenomena in medium-voltage isolated neutral grids: a case study

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