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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 13, Issue 16, 09 December 2019

Volume 13, Issue 16

09 December 2019

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    • Investigation on SSCI between PMSGs-based wind farm and AC network
      Frequency-coupled impedance model-based sub-synchronous interaction analysis for direct-drive wind turbines connected to a weak AC grid
      Stochastic unit commitment with air conditioning loads participating in reserve service
      Voltage source control of offshore all-DC wind farm
      Zonotope-based method for optimal allocation of wind capacity in microgrids considering generation uncertainty
      Experimental study of static and dynamic behaviours of cracked PV panels
    • High performance state-flow based MPPT technique for micro WECS
      Optimised operation of power sources of a PV/battery/hydrogen-powered hybrid charging station for electric and fuel cell vehicles
      Non-pilot protection scheme for multi-terminal VSC–HVDC transmission systems
      VSG scheme under unbalanced conditions controlled by SMC
      Weather division-based wind power forecasting model with feature selection
      Real-time stochastic operation strategy of a microgrid using approximate dynamic programming-based spatiotemporal decomposition approach
      Simulation of vertical power flow at MV/HV transformers for quantification of curtailed renewable power
      Model predictive virtual power control of brushless doubly-fed induction generator for fast and smooth grid synchronisation
      Assessment of subsynchronous oscillations in AC grid-connected VSC systems with type-4 wind turbines
      Research on cloud energy storage service in residential microgrids
      Experimental investigation of an optimised pitch control for a vertical-axis turbine
      Layered management and hybrid control strategy based on hybrid automata and random forest for microgrid
      Real-time implementation of battery bank charge–discharge based on neural inverse optimal control
      Investigation of hydro-governor parameters’ impact on ULFO
      Techno-economic comparison of rooftop-mounted PVs and small wind turbines: a case study for Brussels
      Analysis, reduction and robust stabiliser design of sub-synchronous resonance in an IEEE FBM augmented by DFIG-based wind farm
      Stochastic PV model for power system planning applications
      Adaptive droop control strategy for autonomous power sharing and DC voltage control in wind farm-MTDC grids

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