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Volume 13, Issue 15, 18 November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 15

18 November 2019

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    • Terminal voltage analysis for the transformerless PV inverter topologies in a single-phase system
    • Optimal cascaded predictive control for photovoltaic systems: application based on predictive emulator
      Decentralised adaptive control design for single-phase parallel-inverter systems
      Wind speed estimation based on a novel multivariate Weibull distribution
      Modular and stackable power generators for efficient renewable power generation
      Design and implementation of Legendre-based neural network controller in grid-connected PV systems
      Ramp events forecasting based on long-term wind power prediction and correction
      PV module behaviour on the substring level under real conditions monitored by junction box electronic device Jubomer
      Analysis of power system inertia estimation in high wind power plant integration scenarios
      Night operation, analysis, and control of single-phase quasi-Z-source photovoltaic power system
      Enhanced soft-switching strategy for flyback-based microinverter in PV power systems
      Virtual Park-based control strategy for grid-connected inverter interfaced renewable energy sources
      Hourly electricity and heat Demand Response in the OEF of the integrated electricity-heat-natural gas system
      Fluctuation of PV array global maximum power point voltage during irradiance transitions caused by clouds
      Model predictive control-based load frequency control for power systems with wind-turbine generators
      Unidirectional isolated high-frequency link DC/AC converter for grid integration of DC sources
      Voltage quality and load sharing improvement in islanded microgrids using distributed hierarchical control
      Power-system level classification of voltage-source HVDC converter stations based upon DC fault handling capabilities
      Enhanced POM strategy and its application to wind turbines
      Acoustic Noise of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generators in Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbines
      Dynamic performance of key components for hydraulic power take-off of the wave energy converter
      Wind turbine power curve estimation based on earth mover distance and artificial neural networks
      Impact of wind speed modelling on the predictive reliability assessment of wind-based microgrids

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