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Volume 13, Issue 14, 28 October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 14

28 October 2019

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    • Overview of China's hydropower absorption: evolution, problems, and suggested solutions
    • Market design for integration of renewables into transactive energy systems
      Energy management and power quality enhancement in grid-tied single-phase PV system using modified PUC converter
      Neural network-based quickprop control algorithm for grid connected solar PV-DSTATCOM system
      New approach for the probabilistic power flow of distribution systems based on data clustering
      Temperature impacts on the performance parameters of grid-connected PV systems based on field measurements in Palestine
      Comparison of wind turbine gearbox vibration analysis algorithms based on feature extraction and classification
      Voltage fluctuation mitigation: fast allocation and daily local control of DSTATCOMs to increase solar energy harvest
      Fast and precise global maximum power point tracking techniques for photovoltaic system
      Optimal scheduling strategy of O&M task for OWF
      Reliability constraint stochastic UC by considering the correlation of random variables with Copula theory
      Dynamical assessment of a PTGS with time delay
      Islanding detection method of multi-port photovoltaic DC micro grid based on harmonic impedance measurement
      Adequacy studies of power systems with barrage-type tidal power plants
      Optimal placement of heterogeneous distributed generators in a grid-connected multi-energy microgrid under uncertainties
      Maiden coordinated load frequency control strategy for ST-AWEC-GEC-BDDG-based independent three-area interconnected microgrid system with the combined effect of diverse energy storage and DC link using BOA-optimised PFOID controller
      Mathematical model to estimate the maximum power output of a total cross tied connected PV array during partial shading condition
      Uncertainty-aware forecast interval for hourly PV power output
      Improving quality of supply in small-scale low-voltage active networks by providing islanded operation capability
      Mixed-integer second-order cone programming framework for optimal scheduling of microgrids considering power flow constraints
      Symbiotic organisms search algorithm-based optimal control strategy for efficient operation of variable-speed wind generators
      Active power dispatch strategy of the wind farm based on improved multi-agent consistency algorithm
      Stochastic risk-based flexibility scheduling for large customers with onsite solar generation
      Hydrogen production equipment-based supplementary damping control to mitigate subsynchronous oscillation in wind power systems

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