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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 13, Issue 13, 07 October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 13

07 October 2019

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    • Energy-efficient single-stage solar PV powered sensorless PMSM drive for water pumping
      Frequency support from photovoltaic power plants using offline maximum power point tracking and variable droop control
      Robust expansion co-planning of electricity and natural gas infrastructures for multi energy-hub systems with high penetration of renewable energy sources
      PV power smoothing strategy based on HELES using energy storage system application: a simulation analysis in microgrids
      Investigations on water–LiBr-based absorption refrigerator with solar parabolic dish in cogeneration mode
      Convex combination of least mean square for grid-tied PV system
      Auxiliary signal-assisted droop-based secondary frequency control of inverter-based PV microgrids for improvement in power sharing and system stability
      Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy generalised predictive control of a time-delay non-linear hydro-turbine governing system
      Soft switching flyback inverter for photovoltaic AC module applications
      Analysis and experimental validation of partial shading mitigation in photovoltaic system using integrated dc–dc converter with maximum power point tracker
      Voltage sensitivity-based demand-side management to reduce voltage unbalance in islanded microgrids
      Optimal frequency deviations control in microgrid interconnected systems
      Optimal wind energy bidding strategies in real-time electricity market with multi-energy sources
      Robust coalitional game theoretic optimisation for cooperative energy hubs with correlated wind power
      Robust fault-detection based on residual K–L divergence for wind turbines
      Non-linear vector current source for the control of permanent magnet synchronous generators in wave energy applications
      Multi-objective optimisation-based active distribution system planning with reconfiguration, intermittent RES, and DSTATCOM
      Linear magnetic gear with HTS bulks for wave energy conversion
      Sliding mode type-2 neuro-fuzzy power control of grid-connected DFIG for wind energy conversion system
      Harmonic filter-based improved islanding detection technique for microgrid
      Fault-tolerant control of a smart PV-grid hybrid system
      Analytical LVRT analysis of doubly fed induction generator with MPC-based DSCC/DRCC
      Structural responses suppression for a barge-type floating wind turbine with a platform-based TMD
    • Hybrid data-model method to improve generation estimation and performance assessment of grid-tied PV: a case study

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