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Volume 13, Issue 11, 19 August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

19 August 2019

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    • Energy extraction properties of a flapping wing with a deformable airfoil
      Experimental study of radiation characteristics and temperature distributions of gasoline and biomass flame
      Probabilistic deep neural network price forecasting based on residential load and wind speed predictions
      LVRT improvement and transient stability enhancement of power systems based on renewable energy resources using the coordination of SSSC and PSSs controllers
      Flexible, reliable, and renewable power system resource expansion planning considering energy storage systems and demand response programs
      Implementation of a new high-power current-source single-stage PV grid-connected system with reactive power compensation
      Energy storage sizing by copula modelling joint distribution for wind farm to be black-start source
      Direct voltage regulation of a stand-alone DFIG system with non-linear loads based on an improved-extended state observer and SSM control
      Aggregate reliability analysis of wind turbine generators
      Optimal home energy management under hybrid photovoltaic-storage uncertainty: a distributionally robust chance-constrained approach
      Performance comparison of CdTe thin film modules with c-Si modules under low irradiance
      Location and size determination method of SFCLs in multi-terminal VSC-HVDC using iterative current reduction ranking
      Current controller design for DFIG-based wind turbines using state feedback control
      Particle swarm optimisation-based model and analysis of photovoltaic module characteristics in snowy conditions
      Modelling and analysis of an analogue MPPT-based PV battery charging system utilising dc–dc boost converter
      Probabilistic direct load flow algorithm for unbalanced distribution networks considering uncertainties of PV and load
      Load shedding scheme with under-frequency and undervoltage corrective actions to supply high priority loads in islanded microgrids
      Optimisation of offshore wind farm inter-array collection system
      Optimal integral minus proportional derivative controller design by evolutionary algorithm for thermal-renewable energy-hybrid power systems
      Optimisation of MG operation considering effects of power electronic converters

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