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Volume 12, Issue 9, 09 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

09 July 2018

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    • Control method of doubly fed wind turbine for wind speed variation based on dynamic constraints of reactive power
      Passivity-based linear feedback control of permanent magnetic synchronous generator-based wind energy conversion system: design and analysis
      Two-stage glowworm swarm optimisation for economical operation of hydropower station
      Integration of renewable energy sources in dynamic economic load dispatch problem using an improved fireworks algorithm
      A novel hierarchical control strategy combined with sliding mode control and consensus control for islanded micro-grid
      Power production prediction of wind turbines using a fusion of MLP and ANFIS networks
      Frequency support in a micro-grid using virtual synchronous generator based charging station
      Probabilistic methodology for estimating the optimal photovoltaic capacity in distribution systems to avoid power flow reversals
      Optimisation of wind farm layout in complex terrain via mixed-installation of different types of turbines
    • Cost–benefit analysis of rooftop photovoltaic systems based on climate conditions of Gulf Cooperation Council countries
      Investigating the environmental and socio-economic impacts of grid-tied photovoltaic and on-shore wind systems in Bangladesh

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