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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 12, Issue 8, 11 June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

11 June 2018

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    • Hybrid global maximum power point tracking approach for photovoltaic power optimisers
      Multi-criteria optimal sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems including wind, photovoltaic, battery, and hydrogen storage with ɛ-constraint method
      Power system security assessment with high wind penetration using the farms models based on their correlation
      General mathematical model for the calculation of economic cross sections of cables for wind farms collector systems
      Microgrid energy and reserve management incorporating prosumer behind-the-meter resources
      Dual-function PV-ECS integrated to 3P4W distribution grid using 3M-PLL control for active power transfer and power quality improvement
      Estimation of technology progression and cost analysis for a floating solar chimney power plant: a special case – Isfahan city in Iran
      Economic feasibility of hybrid energy generation with reduced carbon emission
      Combined control method for grid-side converter of doubly fed induction generator-based wind energy conversion systems
      Power harmonic and interharmonic detection method in renewable power based on Nuttall double-window all-phase FFT algorithm
      Algorithm on fuzzy adaptive backstepping control of fractional order for doubly-fed induction generators
    • Non-linear tip speed ratio cascade control for variable speed high power wind turbines: a backstepping approach

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