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Volume 12, Issue 7, 21 May 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

21 May 2018

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    • Performance comparison of several energy storage devices in deregulated AGC of a multi-area system incorporating geothermal power plant
      Comparison of stability service cost in power grids considering different types of WTs
      Capacity optimisation for an SAMS considering LCOE and reliability objectives
      Multi-functional grid-connected inverter: upgrading distributed generator with ancillary services
      Improved solar system with maximum power point tracking
      Tracking the performance of photovoltaic systems: a tool for minimising the risk of malfunctions and deterioration
      Performance evaluation of multiphase induction generator in stand-alone and grid-connected wind energy conversion system
      Hybrid ANFIS-GA-based control scheme for performance enhancement of a grid-connected wind generator
      Sub-synchronous oscillation in PMSGs based wind farms caused by amplification effect of GSC controller and PLL to harmonics
      Distribution power factor monitoring in presence of high RES integration using a modified load encroachment technique
      Optimal sizing of wind–PV-based DC microgrid for telecom power supply in remote areas
      Theoretical and experimental analysis of the solar collectors performances

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