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Volume 12, Issue 5, 09 April 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

09 April 2018

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    • Design and implementation of single-phase inverter without transformer for PV applications
      Global maximum power point tracking of PV arrays under partial shading conditions using a modified particle velocity-based PSO technique
      Improved UFLS with consideration of power deficit during shedding process and flexible load selection
      Energy curtailment of DC series–parallel connected offshore wind farms
      Maiden application of an sine–cosine algorithm optimised FO cascade controller in automatic generation control of multi-area thermal system incorporating dish-Stirling solar and geothermal power plants
      Control, implementation, and analysis of a dual two-level photovoltaic inverter based on modified proportional–resonant controller
      Modelling and allocation of open-UPQC-integrated PV generation system to improve the energy efficiency and power quality of radial distribution networks

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