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Volume 12, Issue 3, 26 February 2018

Volume 12, Issue 3

26 February 2018

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    • New challenges to wind energy voltage control. Survey of recent practice and literature review
    • Application of GEP to investigate the imbalance faults in direct-drive wind turbine using generator current signals
      Formula for estimating the uncertainty of manufacturer's power curve in pitch-controlled wind turbines
      Optimal robust first-order frequency controller design for DFIG-based wind farm utilising 16-plant theorem
      Hybrid VSS–LMS–LMF based adaptive control of SPV-DSTATCOM system under distorted grid conditions
      Combined voltage and frequency control of a multi-area multisource system incorporating dish-Stirling solar thermal and HVDC link
      Wide-area measurement system-based online calculation method of PV systems de-loaded margin for frequency regulation in isolated power systems
      Modelling, control and sensorless speed estimation of micro-wind turbines for deployment in Antarctica
      Method for designing a high capacity factor wide area virtual wind farm
      Control and power transfer operation of WRIG-based WECS in a hybrid AC/DC microgrid
      Optimisation method to find the best switch set topology for reconfiguration of photovoltaic panels
      Distributed game-based pricing strategy for energy sharing in microgrid with PV prosumers

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