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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 12, Issue 2, 05 February 2018

Volume 12, Issue 2

05 February 2018

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    • Guest Editorial: Selected Papers from the 5th IET Renewable Power Generation Conference 2016
      Economic viability for residential battery storage systems in grid-connected PV plants
      String level optimisation on grid-tied solar PV systems to reduce partial shading loss
      High-efficiency PV inverter with SiC technology
      Impact of grid-tied large-scale photovoltaic system on dynamic voltage stability of electric power grids
      Risk-averse bidding of energy and spinning reserve by wind farms with on-site energy storage
      Review of magnetic gear technologies and their applications in marine energy
      Increasing the reliability of wind turbines using condition monitoring of semiconductor devices: a review
    • Approach to dynamic voltage stability analysis for DFIG wind parks integration
      Coordinated voltage control scheme for VSC-HVDC connected wind power plants
      Quick and oscillation free peak power estimation using SEHC algorithm for single-sensor-based PV-fed battery charging
      Framework of intentional islanding operation of active distribution network based on self-healing perspective
      Frequency control in an islanded hybrid microgrid using frequency response analysis tools
      Optimal distributed resource planning for microgrids under uncertain environment
      Performance evaluation of an asymmetrical reduced switched multi-level inverter for a grid-connected PV system

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