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Volume 12, Issue 1, 08 January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

08 January 2018

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    • Parameter tuning of the PLL to consider the effect on power system small-signal angular stability
      Electrical characterisation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells stack using grasshopper optimiser
      L 1 adaptive fuzzy control of wind energy conversion systems via variable structure adaptation for all wind speed regions
      Flexible unbalance compensation strategy for doubly fed induction generator based on a novel indirect virtual impedance method
      Optimal design with materials selection for thermal energy storages in high temperature concentrating solar power
      Simplex simplified swarm optimisation for the efficient optimisation of parameter identification for solar cell models
      Optimal unit commitment based on second-order cone programming in high wind power penetration scenarios
      ANN-based adaptive current controller for on-grid DG system to meet frequency deviation and transient load challenges with hardware implementation
      Optimal sizing of a wind/solar/battery hybrid grid-connected microgrid system
      Adaptive planning approach for customer DG installations in smart distribution networks
      SVC damping controller design based on novel modified fruit fly optimisation algorithm
      Improving power system stability in the presence of wind farms using STATCOM and predictive control strategy
      Computational approach to enhance performance of photovoltaic system inverters interfaced to utility grids
      Optimisation and optimal geometry design for thermal energy storages in high temperature concentrating solar power

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