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Volume 12, Issue 15, 19 November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 15

19 November 2018

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    • Short-term probabilistic forecasting for regional wind power using distance-weighted kernel density estimation
      Virtual inertia optimisation control of DFIG and assessment of equivalent inertia time constant of power grid
      Inertial response characteristics analysis and optimisation of PMSG-based VSG-controlled WECS
      Macro-model of PV module and its application for partial shading analysis
      Parameters estimation of single- and multiple-diode photovoltaic model using whale optimisation algorithm
      Fast optimal power allocation algorithm for multi-terminal AC/DC hybrid grids with wind power integration
      Enhanced AC voltage and frequency control of offshore MMC station for wind farm connection
      Improving wind power utilisation under stormy weather condition by risk-limiting unit commitment
    • Review on FRT solutions for improving transient stability in DFIG-WTs
    • Method for planning a wind–solar–battery hybrid power plant with optimal generation-demand matching
      Construction of an indirect solar dryer with a photovoltaic system and optimised speed control
      Harmonic-signature-based islanding detection in grid-connected distributed generation systems using Kalman filter
      Optimised planning of distribution network with photovoltaic system, battery storage, and DSTATCOM
      Data-driven predictive analytics of unexpected wind turbine shut-downs

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