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Volume 12, Issue 14, 29 October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 14

29 October 2018

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    • Review on the techno-commercial aspects of wind energy conversion system
      Review on control techniques and methodologies for maximum power extraction from wind energy systems
    • Coordinated control of parallel operated renewable-energy-based DG systems
      Consensus control strategy of an inverter air conditioning group for renewable energy integration based on the demand response
      Design of solar-powered agriculture pump using new configuration of dual-output buck–boost converter
      Demand response based day-ahead scheduling and battery sizing in microgrid management in rural areas
      Expeditious frequency control of solar photovoltaic/biogas/biodiesel generator based isolated renewable microgrid using grasshopper optimisation algorithm
      Co-allocation of solar field and thermal energy storage for CSP plants in wind-integrated power system
      Model-free adaptive learning control scheme for wind turbines with doubly fed induction generators
      Multi-objective optimisation for composite generation and transmission expansion planning considering offshore wind power and feed-in tariffs
      Canal lock variable speed hydropower turbine design and control
      Fuzzy generalised predictive control for a fractional-order nonlinear hydro-turbine regulating system
      Algebraic observer-based output-feedback controller design for a PEM fuel cell air-supply subsystem

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