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IET Renewable Power Generation

Volume 12, Issue 13, 01 October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 13

01 October 2018

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    • Multi-agent based intelligent frequency control in multi-terminal dc grid-based hybrid ac/dc networks
      Auxiliary dead-band controller for the coordination of fast frequency support from multi-terminal HVDC grids and offshore wind farms
      Introducing low-order system frequency response modelling of a future power system with high penetration of wind power plants with frequency support capabilities
      Real-time optimisation of short-term frequency stability controls for a power system with renewables and multi-infeed HVDCs
      Day-ahead voltage scheduling method based on a two-stage robust optimisation for VSC-HVDC connected wind farms
      Affinely adjustable robust AC–DC optimal power flow considering correlation of wind power
      Bi-level decentralised active power control for large-scale wind farm cluster
      Kriegers flak-combined grid solution: coordinated cross-border control of a meshed HVAC/HVDC offshore wind power grid
      Perturbation compensation-based non-linear adaptive control of ESS-DVR for the LVRT capability improvement of wind farms
      Determination of droop control coefficient of multi-terminal VSC-HVDC with system stability consideration
      OPEX of hybrid DC/AC power systems with large penetration of offshore wind taking into account spinning reserves
      Designing a wide area damping controller to coordinate FACTS devices in the presence of wind turbines with regard to time delay
      HVDC grid protection algorithm design in phase and modal domains
      Fault characteristics and protection adaptability analysis in VSC-HVDC-connected offshore wind farm integration system
      Efficient and robust ANN-based method for an improved protection of VSC-HVDC systems
      HVDC transmission for access to off-shore renewable energy: a review of technology and fault detection techniques
      Autonomous grid-synchronising control of VSC-HVDC with real-time frequency mirroring capability for wind farm integration

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