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Volume 12, Issue 12, 10 September 2018

Volume 12, Issue 12

10 September 2018

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    • Wind farm dynamic models assessment under weak grid conditions
      Exergy analysis of a weir-type cascade solar still connected to PV/T collectors
      Distributed generation and energy storage system planning for a distribution system operator
      Non-deterministic optimal power flow considering the uncertainties of wind power and load demand by multi-objective information gap decision theory and directed search domain method
      DFIG stator flux-oriented control scheme execution for test facilities utilising commercial converters
      Experimental investigation of the effects of sonication time and volume concentration on the performance of PVT solar collector
      Simultaneous optimisation of photovoltaic hosting capacity and energy loss of radial distribution networks with open unified power quality conditioner allocation
      Multi-time-scale coordinated ramp-rate control for photovoltaic plants and battery energy storage
      Constrained optimisation approach for parameter estimation of PV modules with single-diode equivalent model
      SSOs caused by OLMOC in a power system with the PMSGs for wind power generation
      Optimal wind turbine allocation and network reconfiguration for enhancing resiliency of system after major faults caused by natural disaster considering uncertainty
      Performance comparison of ANNs model with VMD for short-term wind speed forecasting

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