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Volume 12, Issue 11, 20 August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 11

20 August 2018

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    • Energy storage system expansion planning in power systems: a review
      Review of planning methodologies used for determination of optimal generation capacity mix: the cases of high shares of PV and wind
    • Fault ride-through enhancement in DFIG with control of stator flux using minimised series voltage compensator
      Revenue maximisation and storage utilisation for the Ocean Grazer wave energy converter: a sensitivity analysis
      SCADA-based wind turbine anomaly detection using Gaussian process models for wind turbine condition monitoring purposes
      Volt-ampere ratings in electronically tuned linear alternators for thermoacoustic engines
      Photovoltaic solar energy in the economic optimisation of energy supply and conversion
      Robust nested loop control scheme for LCL-filtered inverter-based DG unit in grid-connected and islanded modes
      ZSI for PV systems with LVRT capability
      Numerical method for probabilistic load flow computation with multiple correlated random variables
      SMES based a new PID controller for frequency stability of a real hybrid power system considering high wind power penetration
    • Shifting air-conditioner load in residential buildings: benefits for low-carbon integrated power grids

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