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Volume 12, Issue 10, 30 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 10

30 July 2018

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    • Review of technical issues influencing the decoupling of DG converter design from the distribution system protection strategy
    • Determining the sizes of renewable DGs considering seasonal variation of generation and load and their impact on system load growth
      Numerical simulation studies on performance, soot and NO x emissions of dual-fuel engine fuelled with hydrogen enriched biogas mixtures
      Hierarchical control scheme for coordinated reactive power regulation in clustered wind farms
      Improving combined solar power forecasts using estimated ramp rates: data-driven post-processing approach
      Estimation of solar radiation on PV panel surface with optimum tilt angle using vortex search algorithm
      Cluster analysis of wind turbine alarms for characterising and classifying stoppages
      Power-current controller based sliding mode control for DFIG-wind energy conversion system
      DNN-based approach for fault detection in a direct drive wind turbine
      Optimal integration of MBESSs/SBESSs in distribution systems with renewables
      Random fuzzy power flow of distribution network with uncertain wind turbine, PV generation, and load based on random fuzzy theory
      Efficient approach for establishing the economic and operating reliability via optimal coordination of wind–PSH–solar-storage hybrid plant in highly uncertain double auction competitive power market

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