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Volume 11, Issue 9, 12 July 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

12 July 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Direct drive wave energy array with offshore energy storage supplying off-grid residential load
      Dynamic analysis of a floating hybrid spar tension leg platform concept for wind monitoring applications in deep sea
      Seismic uncoupled analyses for offshore wind turbines
      Evaluation of the effect of flexible demand and wave energy converters on the design of hybrid energy systems
      Scale model technology for floating offshore wind turbines
      Machine learning approach for optimal determination of wave parameter relationships
      Lithium-ion battery power degradation modelling by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
      Modelling of a flap-type wave energy converter farm in a mild-slope equation model for a wake effect assessment
      Smart load management of water injection systems in offshore oil and gas platforms integrating wind power
    • Linear electrical generator topologies for direct-drive marine wave energy conversion- an overview
    • Integrated data-driven model-based approach to condition monitoring of the wind turbine gearbox
      Standalone fuel cell generation system with different tracking techniques: economic analysis
      Effect of ECS low-pass filter timing on grid frequency dynamics of a power network considering wind energy penetration
      Customer-driven demand response model for facilitating roof-top PV and wind power integration
      Convex probabilistic allocation of wind generation in smart distribution networks

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