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Volume 11, Issue 8, 28 June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

28 June 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Frequency regulation control strategy for PMSG wind-power generation system with flywheel energy storage unit
      Improved use of WT kinetic energy for system frequency support
      Frequency control by variable speed wind turbines in islanded power systems with various generation mix
      Speed recovery strategy for the inertia response control of DFIGs: extended state observer based approach
      Optimal tuning of multivariable disturbance-observer-based control for flicker mitigation using individual pitch control of wind turbine
      Integrated wind turbine controller with virtual inertia and primary frequency responses for grid dynamic frequency support
      Central energy management method for photovoltaic DC micro-grid system based on power tracking control
      MOPSO-based optimal control of shunt active power filter using a variable structure fuzzy logic sliding mode controller for hybrid (FC-PV-Wind-Battery) energy utilisation scheme
      Battery and supercapacitor for photovoltaic energy storage: a fuzzy logic management
      Simplified swarm optimisation for the solar cell models parameter estimation problem
      Grid integration of 3P4W solar PV system using M-LWDF-based control technique
      Low-voltage ride-thorough capability of photovoltaic grid-connected neutral-point-clamped inverters with active/reactive power injection
      Small-signal stability of power system integrated with ancillary-controlled large-scale DFIG-based wind farm
      Design guidelines for MPC-based frequency regulation for islanded microgrids with storage, voltage, and ramping constraints
      Instantaneous penetration level limits of non-synchronous devices in the British power system
      Dynamic power flow algorithm considering frequency regulation of wind power generators
      Coordinated frequency control from offshore wind power plants connected to multi terminal DC system considering wind speed variation
      Optimal operation of hybrid power systems including renewable sources in the sugar cane industry
      Active and reactive power control of wind farm for enhancement transient stability of multi-machine power system using UIPC
      Networked distributed automatic generation control of power system with dynamic participation of wind turbines through uncertain delayed communication network
      Optimisation of time window size for wind power ramps prediction
      Research on wind power ramp events prediction based on strongly convective weather classification
      Adequacy of frequency reserves for high wind power generation
      Self-adaptive inertia control of DC microgrid based on fast predictive converter regulation

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