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Volume 11, Issue 7, 07 June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 7

07 June 2017

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    • Development of control schemes for a cluster of PV-integrated houses in islanded mode
      Experimental investigation of the effect of partial shading on photovoltaic performance
      Design and testing of a laboratory scale test rig for wave energy converters using a double-sided permanent magnet linear generator
      Optimal expansion planning of isolated microgrid with renewable energy resources and controllable loads
      Bandwidth oriented proportional-integral controller design for back-to-back power converters in DFIG wind turbine system
      Modular resonant DC/DC converter for DC grid system applications
      Analysis of operating reserve demand curves in power system operations in the presence of variable generation
      Study on response characteristics of grid-side converter controller of PMSG to sub-synchronous frequency component
      Portfolio theory applied to solar and wind resources forecast
      Placement of large-scale utility-owned wind distributed generation based on probabilistic forecasting of line congestion
      Power conditioning system coupled with a flow battery for wind energy applications: modelling and control design
      Improvement global solar radiation estimation
      Effective power transfer scheme for a grid connected hybrid wind/photovoltaic system
      Design of a novel field controlled constant voltage axial flux permanent magnet generator for enhanced wind power extraction
      Research on a double float system for direct drive wave power conversion
      Short-circuit current reduction techniques of the doubly-fed induction generator based wind turbines for fault ride through enhancement
      Reconnection of micro-grid from islanded mode to grid-connected mode used sliding Goertzel transform based filter
      Application of Edge theorem for robust stability analysis of a power system with participating wind power plants in automatic generation control task
      Optimal multiple microgrids based forming of greenfield distribution network under uncertainty

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