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Volume 11, Issue 6, 10 May 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

10 May 2017

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    • Characterisation of interaction in an offshore AC grid with large WPPs and VSC-HVDCs
      Power system stability analysis under increasing penetration of photovoltaic power plants with synchronous power controllers
      Three-phase battery storage system with transformerless cascaded multilevel inverter for distribution grid applications
      Reactive power performance analysis of dish–Stirling solar thermal–diesel hybrid energy system
      Gravitational search algorithm-based optimal control of archimedes wave swing-based wave energy conversion system supplying a DC microgrid under uncertain dynamics
      Solar-assisted geothermal power generation hybrid system from abandoned oil/gas wells
      Differential current-based fault protection with adaptive threshold for multiple PV-based DC microgrid
      Numerical study on the geometrical parameters affecting the aerodynamic performance of Invelox
      Control strategy of switching regulators for fuel-cell power applications
      Loss allocation and loss minimisation for radial distribution system including DGs
      Techno-economic evaluation of load frequency control systems for electric vehicle fleet integration
      Non-linear modelling and stability analysis of the PTGS at pump mode
      Probabilistic transmission expansion planning for increasing wind power penetration
      Optimal operation of hybrid microgrids for enhancing resiliency considering feasible islanding and survivability
      Model validation of DFIGs for power system oscillation stability analysis
      Fuzzy unscented transform for uncertainty quantification of correlated wind/PV microgrids: possibilistic–probabilistic power flow based on RBFNNs
      Markov chain Monte Carlo and acceptance–rejection algorithms for synthesising short-term variations in the generation output of the photovoltaic system
      Artificial neural network and empirical mode decomposition based imbalance fault diagnosis of wind turbine using TurbSim, FAST and Simulink

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