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Volume 11, Issue 5, 12 April 2017

Volume 11, Issue 5

12 April 2017

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    • Stability improvement of PV-BESS diesel generator-based microgrid with a new modified harmony search-based hybrid firefly algorithm
      Application of the multi-scale enveloping spectrogram to detect weak faults in a wind turbine gearbox
      Information gap decision theory for voltage stability constrained OPF considering the uncertainty of multiple wind farms
      Proportional-resonant control applied on voltage regulation of standalone SEIG for micro-hydro power generation
      Comparison of zero-sequence injection methods in cascaded H-bridge multilevel converters for large-scale photovoltaic integration
      Intelligent grid interfaced solar water pumping system
      Modelling and analysis of practical options to improve the hosting capacity of low voltage networks for embedded photo-voltaic generation
      Very high gain three-phase indirect matrix converter with two Z-source networks in its structure
      Energy management for on-grid and off-grid wind/PV and battery hybrid systems
      Probabilistic transmission expansion planning considering distributed generation and demand response programs
      Constrained decoupled power predictive controller for a single-phase grid-tied inverter
      Two-switch flyback inverter employing a current sensorless MPPT and scalar control for low cost solar powered pumps
      Short-term wind power forecasting and uncertainty analysis using a hybrid intelligent method
      Grid synchronisation enhancement of a wind driven DFIG using adaptive sliding mode control
      Effects of two-area variable inertia on transient stabilisation in interconnected power system with DFIG-based wind turbines
      Distributed finite-time cooperative control of droop-controlled microgrids under switching topology
      Adaptive reference voltage-based MPPT technique for PV applications

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