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Volume 11, Issue 4, 15 March 2017

Volume 11, Issue 4

15 March 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Short-term wind speed forecasting using wavelet transformation and AdaBoosting neural networks in Yunnan wind farm
      Using SCADA data for wind turbine condition monitoring – a review
      Power fluctuation evaluation of large-scale wind turbines based on SCADA data
      Hierarchical method for wind turbine prognosis using SCADA data
      Structural health monitoring of composite wind turbine blades: challenges, issues and potential solutions
      Open-circuit faults diagnosis in back-to-back converters of DF wind turbine
      Frequency response model and mechanism for wind turbine planetary gear train vibration analysis
      Dynamic analysis of wind turbine gearboxes with unknown-but-bounded parameters under random wind excitation
      Superiorities of variational mode decomposition over empirical mode decomposition particularly in time–frequency feature extraction and wind turbine condition monitoring
      Fault diagnosis of wind turbine bearing based on variational mode decomposition and Teager energy operator
    • Frequency support characteristics of grid-interactive power converters based on the synchronous power controller
      Peak power detection of PS solar PV panel by using WPSCO
      Chance constrained unit commitment considering comprehensive modelling of demand response resources
      Optimal torque control based on effective tracking range for maximum power point tracking of wind turbines under varying wind conditions
      Economic analysis and optimal capacity sizing of turbo-expander-based microgrid
      ACMC-based hybrid AC/LVDC micro-grid
      Inertia compensation scheme of WTS considering time delay for emulating large-inertia turbines
    • Wind turbine manufacturers observation regarding reactive power support and control requirements

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