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Volume 11, Issue 3, 22 February 2017

Volume 11, Issue 3

22 February 2017

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    • Precise feature extraction from wind turbine condition monitoring signals by using optimised variational mode decomposition
      Comparative analysis of design criteria for hybrid photovoltaic/wind/battery systems
      Modelling and solutions of coordinated economic dispatch with wind–hydro–thermal complex power source structure
      Maximising power conversion for heaving point absorbers using a reference-based control technique
      Optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation-based wind energy considering optimal self VAR control
      Smoothing of wind power using flywheel energy storage system
      Assessment of effect of haze on photovoltaic systems in Malaysia due to open burning in Sumatra
      SS resonance analysis of complex power system incorporating wind power
      Development of a power converter to improve CO tolerance in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
      Two-stage algorithm for efficient transmission expansion planning with renewable energy resources
      Sparse component analysis-based under-determined blind source separation for bearing fault feature extraction in wind turbine gearbox
      Model development and small-signal stability analysis of DFIG with stator winding inter-turn fault
      Numerical investigation on the hydrodynamic performance of variable length blade tidal turbine: an attribute to enhance energy capture
      Design and experiment of a direct-drive wave energy converter using outer-PM linear tubular generator
      Enhanced utility-scale photovoltaic units with frequency support functions and dynamic grid support for transmission systems

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