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Volume 11, Issue 2, 08 February 2017

Volume 11, Issue 2

08 February 2017

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    • Methods and strategies for overvoltage prevention in low voltage distribution systems with PV
    • Analysis and investigation on direct and cross coupling effect of small isolated and interconnected wind diesel power generating system
      Sustainable energy system planning for the management of MGs: a case study in New South Wales, Australia
      Flexibility evaluation of integrating solar power into the Nigerian electricity grid
      Effects of irradiance transition characteristics on the mismatch losses of different electrical PV array configurations
      Approach of hybrid PBIL control in distributed generation parameters for IEEE and real time Indian utility system
      IGDT-based robust optimal utilisation of wind power generation using coordinated flexibility resources
      Stochastic Bi-level Trading Model for an Active Distribution Company with DGs and Interruptible Loads
      Research on the fault diagnosis method for slip ring device in doubly-fed induction generators based on vibration
      Battery energy storage for increasing stability and reliability of an isolated Wind Diesel power system
      Fault diagnosis in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells based on patterns of tolerance
      Controllable DC-link fault current limiter augmentation with DC chopper to improve fault ride-through of DFIG
      Single-phase solar PV system with battery and exchange of power in grid-connected and standalone modes
      Conventional and fuzzy PODCs for DFIG-based wind farms and their impact on inter-area and torsional oscillation damping
      Optimisation analysis of solar powered organic Rankine cycle system
      Fuzzy logic approach for reactive power coordination in grid connected wind farms to improve steady state voltage stability
      Using adaptive control in DFIG-based wind turbines to improve the subsynchronous oscillations of nearby synchronous generators
      Decoupled controller for single-phase grid connected rooftop PV systems to improve voltage profile in residential distribution systems
      Coordination of energy storage systems and DR resources for optimal scheduling of microgrids under uncertainties
      Experimental analysis of impact of maximum power point tracking methods on energy efficiency for small-scale wind energy conversion system
      Intelligent wind power smoothing control with BESS
      Second-order sliding mode control for power optimisation of DFIG-based variable speed wind turbine

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