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Volume 11, Issue 1, 11 January 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

11 January 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Stability mechanism and emergency control of power system with wind power integration
      Damping torque analysis of power systems with DFIGs for wind power generation
      Reaching new solar heights: integrating high penetrations of PV into the power system
      Active distribution power system with multi-terminal DC links
      Zero DC voltage ride through of a hybrid modular multilevel converter in HVDC systems
      Full-Capacity Wind Turbine with Inertial Support by Adjusting Phase-Locked Loop Response
      Voltage security regions considering wind power curtailment to prevent cascading trip faults in wind power integration areas
      Interval optimal scheduling of hydro-PV-wind hybrid system considering firm generation coordination
    • Variable-speed wind energy conversion system based on a dual stator-winding induction generator
      Performance of artificial neural network in prediction of heave displacement for non-buoyant type wave energy converter
      Chattering free full-order terminal sliding-mode control for maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic cells
      Design and implementation of a high-performance technique for tracking PV peak power
      Dynamic equivalent model of doubly fed wind farm during electromagnetic transient process
      Combining droop and direct current vector control for control of parallel inverters in microgrid
      Introduction to PRO for energy conversion applications including an electric equivalent circuit
      Permanent partial shading detection for protection of photovoltaic panels against hot spotting
      Modelling spatially and temporally correlated wind speed time series over a large geographical area using VARMA
      Solution for sizing a PV/diesel HPGS for isolated sites
      Electrical power generation by an optimised autonomous PV/wind/tidal/battery system
      Evaluating maximum photovoltaic integration in district distribution systems considering optimal inverter dispatch and cloud shading conditions
      Determination of the best Weibull methods for wind power assessment in the southern region of Turkey
      Feed-forward DC-bus control loop applied to a single-phase grid-connected PV system operating with PSO-based MPPT technique and active power-line conditioning
      Multi-objective optimal configuration method for a standalone wind–solar–battery hybrid power system

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